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  • Here's some pics of my current main car. Bought it a year ago with 78k miles on it, it's done 90k now. Never had any real problems with it but getting parts is a bugger! In the time I've had it it's needed rear discs (the ones listed for it were too shallow, the ones that fitted it were gen5 2.2 coupe ones), front upper wishbone (several auto shops couldn't get the right ones, eventually found a pair on ebay) and a front spring (garage quoted £80 to replace it then found it was special order so price shoulda been £120 but they would honor the original quote but it would take a couple of days to get it, then it didn't fit nor did a couple of others they tried so eventually they had to go to Honda for it. Dunno how much that would've pushed the price up to but they stuck to the £80 quote so i won a watch there). It's in fairly good rust free nick but has a few car park dings and the alloys are a bit corroded (though not kerbed) so it's time for a restoration since I plan to keep it for a long time.
    Anyone else have problems getting parts for these?

    Also got a 7th Generation 2.2ctdi sport estate that takes care of towing duties and will be daily driver while the coupe is off the road.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Nothin' yet except the custom badges which will be staying.
    Planned: Lowered, custom refurbed wheels, wider rubber, stainless exhaust and induction kit.
    I'm also planning on a possible engine and gearbox change next year to 8th Generation Civic 2.0 engine an 6 speed box, need to look into this.
  1. Used to own one just like this except with the cream interior. Miss the car but it went wrong electronically.
  2. Got the coupe up on stands now and it's looking grimmer than I'd thought.
    Exhaust needs replacing, easy job but can't find one, little bit of welding needed on front subframe(?), fuel lines are corroded and leaking so need replaced, there's a possible leak from the tank as well that looks like it'll be a bugger to investigate and there's evidence of the crank shaft oil seal leaking. :Frown:
    And that's before I start on the cosmetics...... Pics will come soon.
  3. Always had a soft spot for these, especially the 3.0V6 - think there are a couple of members on here with them.

    Yours looks in very good order :Thumbup:. And most I have looked at for sale online have the same issue with those wheels...:Whiteflag:
  4. I haven't seen one of these for ages !
    Look after her and she'll keep going for ages to come :Wink:
  5. She looks in pretty good nick all round :Smile:
  6. I love the 6th Generation coupes in general, becoming quite rare now. The interior looks fantastic. If you're struggling with parts, I'd suggest ringing up our club dealer, once you hit 25 posts you'll also qualify for our club discount and free shipping :Smile: