Roxy The Red Civic
Previously Owned Owned by DC5Cassie

  • Liked this Civic (much to the disgust of most Type-R owners as this model got an absolute bashing). Picked her up from a dealership in London with a full service history and 33,000 miles. Eventually, after 5 years, I sold her on to be replaced with the Integra (more power, less weight, and less refined). Was a good daily driver, never had one single problem and went through every MOT with no problems. Still miss her.
  1. She did have a suspect coil pack on one of the spark plugs that the Honda dealership thought "Might" be the cause, so they changed that (cost a whack!) and the car was just the same :-( I gave them new plugs to fit (that I'd already bought from them) thinking that might help, but again, no difference. Probably a bad idea asking the dealership to fit them, who knows if they actually did! From what I've heard, it's sounding like the o2 sensors, so gonna get them changed. If it's still the same, might see if changing all the coil packs makes a diff.
  2. Yeah, it's all about driving when the engines cold, really unbearable kangarooing! And there's a problem when warm too, a deffinate flat spot (best way I can describe it) anything between 1000-3000rpm. The falt spot has got worse over time, so thinking maybe the o2 sensors? It's really noticeable using light throttle, like there's a pronounced stutter before the car accelerates.
    1. DC5Cassie Avatar
      Sounds like coil/sparks to me. Have you tried that? Also, your throttle could be out via the control valve. I'm only saying this as the Integra can suffer with the exact same problems, especially when not driven for a while but it corrects itself after a really long and hard drive. Some things to consider your end maybe?
      DC5Cassie, Tuesday 8th Mar, 2016
  3. Looks amazing, really clean. Can't believe the silver FN2 is also called Roxy! lol Even her plate suits her, ends in HRR (we've named her "Her Royal Roxyness!") Had a red FN1 TypeS before her called Lexy and a Civic MB6 called Ruby........sold them both to and got the Type-R. So her name is a bit of both of those two! Really sweet looking fn2 mate, love them in red. Hows the Teg?
    1. DC5Cassie Avatar
      She was the love of my life for the whole 5 years. Kept her absolutely clean as anything. I thought Milano was a hard colour to maintain until I got the Integra ... not only does it constantly look dirty but washing on an even remotely sunny day gives me snow blindness! Got to say though, I miss certain luxuries out of the Civic, but I forgive myself for swapping for the Integra (what a car, drive one and you'll see what I mean).

      How long you had Roxy?
      DC5Cassie, Sunday 28th Feb, 2016
    2. crazydave Avatar
      Would love a drive in a DC5! One Had Roxy almost two years now. Been a story of up's and downs, and came close to selling her a few times, but now it's all love again! Got a couple of wee issues I'd like to sort out once I find the answers to them, but all round a great car.
      crazydave, Tuesday 1st Mar, 2016
    3. DC5Cassie Avatar
      Anything I can help with do you reckon? I had some niggles with mine that I sorted easy. I'm pretty hands on when it comes to it all (or I try to be!). I'm aware of 3rd gear problems, knocking problems, dash display problems.
      DC5Cassie, Sunday 6th Mar, 2016
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