Sam's NHB FN2
Daily Driver Owned by ellis033

  • Bought my daily driver FN2 Type-R GT spec back in December 2012.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Since owning the car I have changed quite a few bits (mostly visual), here's what I currently have:
    -Team Heko wind deflectors
    -HID Headlights
    -LED sidelights as well as number plate lights
    -Carbon Bonnet
    -Carbon Mugen style grille
    -Carbon Seeker style spoiler
    -Optional Extra GP kit (front & rear splitter)
    -Smoothed front bumper
    -Tegiwa Black fog scoops
    -Custom Solid Fabrications 3" single exit exhaust system
    -Custom black vinyl for the rear cluster


    -Skunk 2 gear :tut:
    -Broadway rear view mirror
    -LED foot well lights

    - MTEC drilled and grooved discs all round
    - Ferodo DS2500 front brake pads
    -Mintex rear brake pads

    Suspension & Wheels:
    -Meister R Coilovers
    -Black 6TWO1 aluminum lug nuts
    -Volk Ray TE37 Alloys

    Probably a few other little bits that I may have forgotten.
  1. STUNNING !!
    Watch out for the speed bumps !!
  2. Loving everything about this FN2.
  3. Stunning fn2 Type-R dude :Smile:
    1. ellis033 Avatar
      thanks :Grin:
      ellis033, Monday 23rd May, 2016
  4. Looks really good, especially with the blue wheels.
    1. ellis033 Avatar
      thanks dude :Grin:
      ellis033, Tuesday 29th Mar, 2016
    2. P11YLJ Avatar
      I need to get myself back down to the HIS meets at some point, as I am sure I remember seeing your car a couple of years ago (if you've had it that long).
      P11YLJ, Wednesday 30th Mar, 2016
    3. ellis033 Avatar
      yeah come down, yeah I've had it a few years now haha, next one is 20th April Brighton more info on our facebook page :Grin:
      ellis033, Tuesday 5th Apr, 2016
  5. That's minted, love it
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  6. love this fn :Thumbup:
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  7. Rockingham if I'm not mistaken. I take it you didn't like the alloys in white. The blue is a very good combination I do like it.
    1. ellis033 Avatar
      that is correct :Grin:, no i loved the white but needed them refurbed again so thought i'd give blue a go haha
      ellis033, Thursday 24th Mar, 2016
    2. MickyB Avatar
      All you need now is a club sticker. How do you find the Heko wind deflectors? I've got them on my Type-S some people here don't rate them but I've no problems with them.
      MickyB, Thursday 24th Mar, 2016
    3. ellis033 Avatar
      Sorry just seen this, yeah they aren't the best always having to reposition them haha
      ellis033, Friday 3rd Jun, 2016
  8. How much fog do those fog scoops scoop?
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    1. ellis033 Avatar
      all of the fog!
      ellis033, Thursday 24th Mar, 2016
  9. Fantastic looks and great selection of kit.
    After looking at your car I think Black might actually be my new fav colour for FN2, more so than the Championship white FN2 that I see in Greenwich quite regularly.
    1. ellis033 Avatar
      haha thanks, champ white still has to be my favorite factory color though :Grin:
      ellis033, Thursday 24th Mar, 2016
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