Track Project Owned by CertifiedK

  • This here is my Daily Driven track Project.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Engine :
    k20z1 swap , Basic bolt ons : Rbc intake manifold , Custom 3" CAI , Rcrew race header , custom 3" exhaust line followed with a dynomax super turbo muffler .
    RDX 440cc injectors , golden eagle fuel rail , walbro 255lph fuel pump .
    Hondata KPRO is the mastermind .

    Suspension :
    Koni Yellow struts
    Ground control coilover sleeves ''custom spring rates'' (550fr/700rr)
    ITR front strut bar
    Noname rear strut bar

    Brakes :
    Pretty much stock I'm getting there this year & yes i still have my drums ( ultimate sleeper ) :Rolf:

    Wheels & Tires :
    16x7 Buddy club p1 (kosei k1)
    Toyo proxes 4 in the front
    Falken azenis rt615 in the rear ( tha ass sticks on the curves at ''high'' speeds perfectly )

    Interior :
    Nrg deep dish steering wheel , Nrg short hub followed with Nrg 2.0 quick release .
    Integra seats with an S2000 shift :tut: .

    Service History & Related Threads

    It is just the start , got plenty more things i would like to do to it :Smile:
  1. Would love to see more :nodding:
  2. Updated check project logs !!
  3. not busy enough apparently :Wink:
    Got a huge list of what I need to do before she starts seeing the track ''security & reliabilty wise'' !!!!
    1. Nels Avatar
      Trouble is, you never finish. There's always something else to do!
      Nels, Monday 2nd Mar, 2015
    2. CertifiedK Avatar
      ahahahahaha yesss it's a never ending love story !
      CertifiedK, Monday 2nd Mar, 2015
  4. Good to see Selena made it to the Club Garage.:Niceone:
    You certainly have been busy on her.:mechanic:
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  5. hahahaha
    It moveeess hahahaha but gotta keep it legit at the track :Tongue:

    YESSS !!!
    My car is still stored cause of winteR & roads here in quebec are saltier than mcdonalds fries !!!!

    Big plans for when it comes out !!!
  6. Nicely done ! But get your brakes sorted ASAP LOL

    Bet it moooooveesss !

    Look forward to following along with future mods in your Project Log :Wink:
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