shane's accord
Daily Driver Owned by Mazeyshane

  • i have a 2002 honda accord 1.8 vtec sport. i think it is the basic model all tho it does have foglights, i don't realy know much about hondas as i have had volkswagen in the past so just learning a few things about it atm
  1. Cheers mate appreciate it :Smile: not even got a chance deive it yet, sat on my drive till 4th march so just getting things sorted on it :Smile: hope i do enjoy drivinf it:Smile: thanks mate :Smile:
  2. Ooft, that's sleek. Very, very pretty. I'm loving that interior. You've got yourself a gorgeous example of the 6th Generation. I hope you get a good few years of enjoyment out of it! They're extremely sturdy and excellently built cars.
  3. So this is a good model then mate? And thanks:Smile: don't really know much about them atm:Smile: cheers mate:Smile:
    1. exec Avatar
      Yep its a good model, Sport trim, doesn't have the luxury features you might get on the Exec model, but it looks a lot sportier and doesnt have the horrible fake wood trim on the Exec models!
      exec, Thursday 25th Feb, 2016
  4. Lovely looking 6th Generation, very clean. Thats the Sport model and not the base spec S model, it has few extra like sporty trims, knobs, silver trims, white dials, spoilers, alloys skirts, color coding, sports shocks etc