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  • Imported... with a Japanese infotainment system... :shock:
    Love how roomy it is, and it's so smooth. My left leg is already getting lazy and I've only driven it once! Oh yeah... and the wipers come on when I try to indicate... what's that about lol. Gonna take a few goes to get used to, but loving it already.
    Had to change the name as "Wu Ya" apparently means Cormorant... So "Shinsha" it is (new car!!)
    More info as I find it... :Grin:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    I know this doesn't offically count... but new infotainment system, yeah! Item Detail
  1. I'm glad you liked the car Cathy. I'm over the moon with having such an Embassador for my cars. All the best. Sal
  2. Finally, Chinese radio is in (it speaks fantastic English tho haha) and looking fab. 98% of it working too. More in the project log and pics :Grin:
  3. I wish mine was auto :-(
    I put a Chinese radio in mine too, they're good. Nice machine and the kids must love the big screen.
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  4. What a week it's been! Have taken my new car all the way to Llandudno & back and I'm really enjoying driving her. She's a wee bit confusing still; if I'm not thinking I'll put the wipers on instead of the indicator, and the camera doesn't come on automatically when I put her into reverse. I have to switch it on manually via the Media section of the menu. But it does work very well when I've got it on.

    The one downside so far is that, being Windows operated, the infotainment is slow to boot. So when I want to reverse out of my drive or a parking space, I can't get to the reversing camera. I have to admit I don't wait for it, which seems like I'm missing out on a great feature!

    Anyhoo, can't wait for my dashcam, I will hopefully be able upload video clips :Smile: :Smile:

    Catcha later all (y)
  5. Great shiny new carrr you have, Cathy! Your kids seems to like it too. :Smile:
    Welcome from the Netherlands!
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  6. Getting used to the automatic thing now... and hubby has ordered a replacement infotainment from Hong Kong which does everything (or so they say!) - so hopefully in a couple of weeks, more pics to follow :Smile: :hurryup:
  7. Please do add some more pictures of your car Cathy !
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  8. Another K20 BE3 Auto import Yay !! (I got one too :Smile: )
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