Shopping and general run about
Partner's Car Owned by urbancncboy

  • 2005 Accord Type-S, optional 17" Epsilons. Brought in 2011 when our first son was born. Used as a shopping car and general duties

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  1. Thinking of selling my babyDont know what she is worth . Shes got 71, ooo on clock. I had her from new. She is all most mint con. Would be interesting to c what she is worth. Mick
    1. urbancncboy Avatar
      This ain't no for sale thread geezer.
      urbancncboy, Tuesday 16th Dec, 2014
    2. exec Avatar
      Let me know if you plan on selling her in the near future.
      exec, Tuesday 21st Apr, 2015
  2. Every household needs two 2.4 Accord's
    1. urbancncboy Avatar
      Yeh man, just not so sensible when it comes to Tax time. But its good to jump in either.
      urbancncboy, Monday 1st Dec, 2014