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  • The second generation model was introduced October 24, 1990, and continued to offer both a sedan and coupĂ©. The Rover 800 was not updated to the new platform, and instead continued with the old XX platform. In Japan, this Legend was also known as the "Super Legend" due to the much larger 3.2 C32A engine, which was now the only engine offered in the Legend. The Type I engine was rated at 215 PS (158.1 kW; 212.1 bhp), and the Type II was rated at 235 PS (172.8 kW; 231.8 bhp) and included with the touring system. This Legend benefited from much of the research and testing done for Honda's new mid-engined high performance sports car, the Honda NSX,and the Legend was used as a test platform for new NSX technologies and research. Honda introduced a passenger side airbag on this model, and used off-set collision testing to improve collision performance and safety.

    I have owned my Legend for over three years. I bought it cheap with extensive service history but it needed a lot of work done. First owner looked well after car, as records show, it was regularly serviced at Honda dealer until 2001 after that service history become little bit more chaotic but there are records of minor repairs, parts being replaced etc. Unfortunately after three months of owning it I had to replace radiator which was leaking badly, thermostat and power steering connecting pipes. There were other bits along the way more and less costly with few things left to sort out but I just did not want to let her go. There are not many left on UK roads ( I have seen three in past three years ) and I really love this 90` big coupe style with few nice gadgets and really smooth engine. It is very thirsty car bit full hands in town but excellent motorway cruiser, very comfortable with lot of room inside and cavernous boot space. I recently fitted "17 Alutec alloys with set of new tyres but I still have original wheels. Interior is almost perfect, there are two small crack on dashboard but leather and carpets are in great condition. Getting parts is tricky...very tricky as there are almost none and original Honda parts are rather expensive. I managed to find some parts on ebay but you are not going to find much in there unless you check on American ebay which has relatively bigger choice of second hand or new aftermarket parts.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Alutec Alloy Wheels "17, `91 Honda Accord antenna mast, rear JDM Alpha spoiler, M- tec vented discs ( front&rear )
  1. You wrote up those two big paragraphs but didn't mention the three coolest features on the car: door suckers, seat belt retractor, electric rear windows. I had a legend coupe for a few years. She was a money pit but I regret selling her. Great cars.
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      Hey, actually you are right to point it out as these are really cool gadgets.
      graphcraft, Thursday 19th Feb, 2015
  2. Hi I'm a new comer to Honda karma. I obtained my 1992 Legend Coupe last year by chance "or luck" through a friend of mine who purchased it via a auction,
    he had the car for over a year, spend a bit of cash fixing it up, refurbing the rims and once complete it stood around for a year so he ask me to drive it for him for a while. After a few months he asked if I would like to take it over as he did not have the time to look after it!! so now I own it.
    She is a great car to drive, smooth and responsive.
    Unfortunately she has broken down, I know what needs to be replaced or repaired but the issue is locating the main fuel pump relay, According to the American version Accura it should be situated under or around the steering column, but I cannot find it (I have check the fuel pump runs OK on aux jumper leads)
    Not sure if any one else on Honda forum Knows where to look.
  3. I'm a huge fan of the Legend Coupe, very jealous graphcraft. I've been after one for the past 6 months, there's only 10 left on the roads in the UK, and I know of 3 of them, yours being number 4.

    Treasure her mate, and hope to hear more of her on the site :Smile:
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      Hey, thanks! It was very difficult to find this one and I was also looking for long time before I found my Legend. I joined HK hoping to find more Legends but unfortunately there is just mine in here but I am big fan of Honda cars so it is good to place to have my car displayed and I will be happy to post more updates.
      graphcraft, Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014
  4. A true two door Legend. I love the little stub nose of this car. It looks amazing from all angles but the front is very cool
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      graphcraft, Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014
  5. Legend coupe oh my days :party::Wub::GiveRose:I love those cars. You lucky sod.
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  6. That's a super Legend you've got there. How long have you had her?
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      Thank you, I had her over three years.
      graphcraft, Wednesday 5th Nov, 2014
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