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  • I've owned this Legend for almost 6 years now (after owning 5 Civics since 1979) and it's an absolute joy to own and drive - if a bit expensive to fuel and tax!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    ** I always felt the Legend's accelerator pedal was a bit lethargic in the first few inches of movement, as I was always used to the most sporty Civics - so I've just added an SP11 Electronic Throttle Controller. This doesn't make any changes to the engine's performance but you can alter the response to the amount of movement of the accelerator pedal. I've set it up in Sport mode which means that a very small pedal press gives a lot of acceleration. It also gives you the option to reduce the acceleration on pedal movement (Economy mode). Makes the car a lot more fun to drive - if a wee bit less frugal on fuel.

    The Legend already comes with Collision Mitigation Brake System / Lane Keeping Assist System / Adaptive Cruise Control / Active Front Lighting System / Rain Sensing Wipers / Automatic Lighting / Bluetooth Hands Free Telephone / Voice Recognition / Sat Nav / 260 Watt, 10 speaker, 24Bit 192kHz Surround Sound System / AudioPilot Noise Compensation Technology / Leather Interior / Heated and Ventilated front seats / Driving Position Memory / Reversing Camera / Auto Dipping Mirrors... etc...
    Add to that a fantastic 3.5 litre V6 VTEC engine and the amazing Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive system - and what more do you really need?
    I think the only options I was offered were parking sensors, a boot liner and a fridge!
  1. Lovely, just lovely...:Thumbup:
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  2. Fabulous and drop dead gorgeous, I am kicking myself I was offered a brand new legend same colour for 29K, god know why I didn't take.

    That V6 growl at drop end revs is to die for.
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