Speed Equips Boosted EG
Daily Driver Owned by 10000rpm

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    To much to list but to give you a idea

    B18c4 boosted
    Ek9 valve train
    Ek9 cams
    S80 gearbox 4.4 f/D 1.5 kaaz lsd
    Hks log manifold
    Spoon calipers
    S2000 dials

    Much more
  1. Looks are mean.:dribble:
    Does it behave as bad on track?
  2. That looks epic, need more info :dodgydeal:
  3. Hell yeah !! B18 boosted EG !

    What figures she attain @10000rpm ?

    Would love to see some more pics of the engine bay and hear more about her :Thumbup:
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