Sport Family sedan CL9
Daily Driver Owned by dinoc

  • 2008 CL9 Type-S - it was special edition with extra stuff: Navigation and HIDs.

    I knew I will start the mods on this car, but I wanted something more subtle, and most of all to be a daily driver car for a family with kids.
    That's why my exhaust is OEM and the intake upgrade is not louder than stock, but my upgrades concentrated in other areas.
    In terms of power upgrade I did not want something crazy, my goal was to put the TSX CL9 facelift upgrade parts on my car (upgrades which only the US market received them) + a 50 degree VTC gear.
    I'm convinced with an upgraded exhaust and upgraded intake and much aggressive intake cam I can get much more out of this engine but for my needs is enough.

    The exterior of the car I wanted to keep it close to an OEM look (just subtle changes on the outside => a drop on the Honda Sport Suspension),
    but the main upgrades are inside (hidden) => a little "sleeper", a real joy to drive and surprise other premium "sports" cars on the road :Smile:

    Overall I achieved a much more powerful car (compared with the stock cars like CL9 and FN2) with the add of zero noise (still good for cruising), which can be fun to drive alone, but also can do the duties of carrying a family with 2 kids :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Honda JDM CL9 Type-S grille
    • aluminum pedals from Strutking
    • S2000 shiftknob (leather and metal)
    • Honda OEM rear sun shades

    Handling & Chassis:
    • 4.7 final drive (with this mod I find the gears 2-6 being perfect, except the 1st gear which too short)
    • Wavetrac LSD
    • Mugen Quick Shift: (review here: Mugen Quick Shift review

    First stage:
    • Comptech Icebox intake
    • Weapon R exhaust headers
    • J35 TB + ported IM plenum inlet to match the larger TB
    • TSX CL9 facelift intake pipe
    • littlebo ECU reflash
    With these mods my car moved really well, on a versus with stock FN2, my car was much much faster than FN2.
    but as the power is addicted I wanted more ...
    Second stage - added to the above list:
    • littlebo exhaust headers - replaced the WR headers (review here For Sale - 4-2-1 Custom Header for CL9 )
    • 50 degree VTC gear
    • TSX CL9 facelift intake camshaft
    • TSX CL9 facelift ECU
    • FlashPro - map made by VitViper
    • EBC Blades disks front/rear
    • EBC yellow stuff front/rear
    • Goodridge brake lines
    • Motul RBF600 brake oil
    I would like to upgrade my front brakes in the future - I'm thinking to Brembo DC5​

    • rear backup camera from Pyle
    • GromAudio USB3 audio unit for USB stick, Android and IOS music playback (replaced xcarlink - review here: Grom Audio - review
    • Cusco Racing Spec Condenser - for voltage stabilizer
    • HIDs Osram CBI 5500k and Morimoto LEDs fog lights 5500K - details here: Morimoto XB Led fog lights
    • interior LED lights from Diode Dynamics: dom, map, doors, trunk, vanity mirrors, glove box, true 6000K cool white

    Service History & Related Threads

    to be added
  1. FYI, if you're interested in a reasonably cheap upgrade for brakes, go for CU2 fronts. Much better braking feel and power for under $500 NZD including new pads and install.
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    1. dinoc Avatar
      Yes I want to upgrade front and rear also (not sure does the rear brakes are bigger on CU2 compared with CL9?) .
      Where did you buy yours?
      dinoc, Thursday 5th Jan, 2017
    2. speeding_ant Avatar
      Got mine from a wrecker, disks and calipers. Rear brakes, not sure if you need to really. The bias feels pretty good, a massive improvement over standard (tourer anyway).
      speeding_ant, Friday 6th Jan, 2017
  2. That is an amazing motor :Smile:
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  3. Loving it !!!!
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  4. Beautiful car
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  5. Ooh Alutec Strut brace I want one! Heel n Toe the only place then it seems as haven't seen anyone else selling them.
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  6. What's new bro?
    1. dinoc Avatar
      Just added several older pictures found while browsing my PC, for different mods I have.

      The interior lights are from Diode Dynamics, 6000k white - these are true 6000k (they have very good control over quality) and very nice just pure white no blue tint at all.
      I must confess that I had a wrong perception about 6000k color before buying these, mainly because of cheap china products selling fake 6000k color which usually have blue tint. (so I had the impression that 6000k should be blueish) .
      dinoc, Sunday 19th Jun, 2016
    2. K24 CL9 GUY Avatar
      Ah I see is lovely to see your build in picture form and you have a few things that will be my next step for example 50 degree VTC gear :Smile:
      K24 CL9 GUY, Sunday 19th Jun, 2016
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    2. K24 CL9 GUY Avatar
      Hey @dinoc what is new? It came up on my alerts that you have updated your sport family sedan but not sure what's new and am intrigued as you have done lots of things I would like to do to mine :Smile:
      K24 CL9 GUY, Sunday 14th Feb, 2016
  7. You have many mods I would like to move onto with mine.

    Very nice mate, can I ask why you replaced the WR header?

    Where did you get your strut brace from as I bought an ultra racing one and didnt fit :-(
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  8. That's one special 'Family Car' Must be great fun to drive when you're on your own.:vtec:
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    1. dinoc Avatar
      Yes, not bad :Smile:. Thanks
      dinoc, Saturday 25th Jul, 2015
  9. Yes I've thought about that also, I will see in the future :Smile:
    Also maybe to get the facelift TSX CL9 OEM exhaust as it is a few mm larger than ours ... will see.
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