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  1. Thanks for all the comments. 7 years of ownership got it to that level. Will have to add pictures of how it ended up soon when it wasn't looking quite so good!
  2. Awesome example of a 5th Generation Prelude :Smile:
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  3. Thats a stunner, need to buy one of these whilst there still cheap!
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  4. Unfortunately it wasn't a case of getting rid to a new car, it was a case of getting a new car due to the demise of the lude following oil and mud on the road. Would love to still be running it but wouldn't be practical with an 18 month old
    1. Nels Avatar
      At least you're still here to tell the tale.
      Nels, Thursday 10th Sep, 2015
  5. Great looking Prelude you had there. Shame we can't keep the old ones when we buy a new one.
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  6. Oh my a BB8 ! Love these, always wanted one but they've eluded me :Sobbing:

    Your's is looking stunning !
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  7. I loved the car, especially in black. Was so comfortable and smooth on long runs, yet plenty of power and grip for a B road thrash. Think it surprised a few newer more powerful cars.
  8. very nice looking car you got there..
    always been a fan of the Prelude,, looks great in the black.
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