Weekend Toy Owned by Sarah_J

  • Heya,
    This is my my car, Stitch. I have had her just over a year and I only drive her in the Summer.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    None yet.
  1. So does Stitch like Elvis tunes when your cruising Shame we don't have the Hawaiian summers, I'm a sucker for blue and that first picture on the left looks like you could dive right into the paint work Nice.
  2. Lovely S2000 you have Sarah :Smile:
  3. @Nels I have a beat up Corsa C that i drive in the winter.
  4. A super AP1 Sarah. Completely agree with only driving her in the summer.
    Do tell us more. Also, what do you use the rest of the year?
  5. Nice S2000 @Sarah_J :Niceone: :Hooray: on a Newcastle registration as well
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    2. MickyB Avatar
      Help s always at hand glad it worked
      MickyB, Wednesday 3rd Dec, 2014
  6. It's blue drooooool... Beautiful car.
  7. Silly question alert!
    How do you add an image from your computer to a post?
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      Not totally sure but with the I. pad when you are posting below the text box it says upload an image.i click that and then select the image from my albums and it then uploads and asks if you want to post as a thumbnail or full image. Once you select it puts it in where you have the cursor.
      But please I think there is a thread about it so search for inserting photographs and it should come up.
      MickyB, Monday 1st Dec, 2014
  8. Might well buy one of these one day and I haven't seen that colour more piccies please!
  9. Welcome @Sarah_J nice looking S2000 please share more pictures.
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