Daily Driver Owned by kchimz

  • Home Sweet Home After driving her for 2400km From Tanzania to Zimbabwe. Ride Quality was remarkable considering how bad the road is in some parts of Tanzania. Fuel economy on average about 1L/14km @ 110-140km/hr

    Modifications & Optional Extras


    - Auto on wiper system
    - Auto on headlights
    - Honda HDD Navigation (won't work In zim)
    - Inbuilt AV Input Ports

    To Do:

    - Front Lower Control Arm bushing to be replaced
    - air filter change
    - New wheels to be bought

    In Car Entertainment:
    - install radio fm boaster to capture our frequency bands
    - Buy a PCMCIA adapter to add usb/ tflash on the navi system.

    Interior & Lighting
    - Uphoster some leather onto the seats
    - change the in car lamps to leds

    Service History & Related Threads

    29 April 2015
    • New Engine Oil (Castrol GTX Multigrade 20W 50)
    • New Oil Filter Installed
  1. Like the interiors its different, congrats
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    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Look after it mate it will look after you
      Ichiban, Tuesday 21st Apr, 2015
    3. kchimz Avatar
      Definitely. If i face any issue. i will consult you guys
      kchimz, Tuesday 21st Apr, 2015
    4. Ichiban Avatar
      No problem at all great to see these JDM cars and FR-V\Edix was a odd ball cracker.
      Ichiban, Sunday 3rd May, 2015
  2. Great choice of engine as well BTW :Thumbup:
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  3. That's cool !

    Look forward to seeing and hearing more about her.

    How long does it take to get the car registered here once it arrives on UK soil ?
    1. kchimz Avatar
      Its goin to land in Zimbabwe. - Registration here is a day .Once done she will be ready to take on the roads.
      kchimz, Monday 16th Mar, 2015
    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      That's slick. I think it's much longer drawn out process here LOL
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 17th Mar, 2015
    3. kchimz Avatar
      The difference between country regulations lol.
      kchimz, Wednesday 18th Mar, 2015
  4. Expecting the Edix around 1 April ( My Birthday Lol) perfect timing if it arrives then.
  5. Nice one when does the car land at your end?
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