Daily Driver Owned by Richydc5

  • Honda Integra DC5
    Standard for now
    Amazing service history with a lot of extras included.
    new daily car
  1. Good looking car mate! :Smile:
  2. Great car. Although I'm being biased! I also recognise this from previous owner (I'm sure but not 100%), did you buy it from a guy in Milton Keynes by any chance or was this a fresh import for you?
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    2. Richydc5 Avatar
      Yep first one!:Smile:
      Absolutely love it!
      Been lowerd on ebiach pro sport springs and wheels are now white:Smile:
      Next is saving for the turbo kit!
      Richydc5, Friday 24th Jul, 2015
    3. DC5Cassie Avatar
      I've had mine lowered on Eibach Sportlines but still have to sort out camber arms at some point. Not going for any engine mods for at least another year, if I do at all. Turbo kit? That'll cost a bit.
      DC5Cassie, Tuesday 28th Jul, 2015
    4. Richydc5 Avatar
      Can't take money with you!
      Richydc5, Thursday 30th Jul, 2015
  3. I agree @exec best looking Coupe by far.

    @Richydc5's is no exception, another stunner !
  4. :dribble:IMO one of the best looking Coupes ever made, they still look fresh despite being what 10 years old now?
  5. Lovely.
    One of the best cars I've owned
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  6. Without any changes, that's a DC5 to be proud of. :Devil:
    What have you got planned for her Richard?
    1. Richydc5 Avatar
      Coilovers is the next move!
      And after that spoon wheels!
      Richydc5, Sunday 14th Jun, 2015
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