the aerodecked
Daily Driver Owned by tiredhero

  • well this is my new daily i have no idea what i want to do to it

    im sure ill get the engine to the best it can be

    maby get it lower

    polish the hell out of it

    alloys (honda )

    privacy rear tints (as i have a son that hates the sun) :Smile:

    i guess get it to how i want it and it represent the person i am

    thanks for looking

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    full serviced from new up to 55.338 and its only at 60k now so ill be getting it serviced soon as well as undersealing the complete underneath of the car
  1. nice mate :Smile: get some more pics up. i also have a Aerodeck :Grin:
  2. Love the Aerodeck! Got one myself mate which we've modded over the past 11 years or so. Cracking cars! There's pics of mine in the gallery if you need ideas. Looking forward to more pics of yours too. I also run the owners club for these very cars!
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