The Battleship
Daily Driver Owned by dirtymagic

  • The accord Type-S aka the Battleship.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Corbeau rs1 Front Seats.
    • CT Short shift
    • Broadway Mirror
    • Kode Black Gear :tut:
    • BMC Induction Kit
    • Carbon rear lip spoiler
    • A-Spec Rear Lip With front bumper smoothed
    • BC Coil-overs
    • Ultra Front Strut Brace
    • De-cat with Full custom exhaust system with 3" tips
    • 18" Blitz BRW 08 Profiles - Staggered 9J Rear / 8J Front
    • Nardo Grey Full Wrap

    Service History & Related Threads

    More to come :Smile:
  1. Looks nice in red

    Have you throught about a reflash
    1. dirtymagic Avatar
      Does look good in Red, But unfortunately its Faded before I owned the car.. So now wrapping on Nardo Grey, I was going to look into a reflash But I won't know where to start or what I'm looking at in figures and cost etc, Can you enlighten me?
      dirtymagic, Monday 9th May, 2016
    2. dirtymagic Avatar
      Just seen the Post about the reflashing and looking at the results looks pretty impressive!.. and I hear you are the man to talk to.. can you drop me a PM? as it seems I can't pm yourself.
      dirtymagic, Monday 9th May, 2016
  2. Sweet ride mate nice mods. Why doesn't the bonnet close flush to the body, you got gas struts?
    1. dirtymagic Avatar
      It's got some skunk2 bonnet raisers on it at the moment which I'm not keen on.. Will be coming off this weekend!
      dirtymagic, Friday 29th Apr, 2016
  3. Sweet car, would love to see more.
    1. dirtymagic Avatar
      Cheers buddy, I have added some more photos :Smile:
      dirtymagic, Friday 29th Apr, 2016
    2. DrSam Avatar
      Thanks, it's a stunner! Love it, always wanted one of these.
      DrSam, Saturday 30th Apr, 2016
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