The Beast!
Daily Driver Owned by Chrispy

  • In my one year ownership:

    - New Clutch
    - New Clutch Slave Cylinder
    - New Engine (Well rebuilt)
    - 4 Oil Changes with filters
    - New Battery
    - New Alloys with tyres
    - Air Conditioning Sensor and Service
    - 2 Air Filters
    - One Fuel Filter
    - New Rear Off-Side Brake Calliper
    - Disks and Pads all round
    - New Lower Front Wishbones
    - Flip Key with red Type-R sticker :Smile:
    - LED Interior Bulbs all round
    - Front LED Sidelights
    -All Injector Seals replaced

    Purchase Cost: £2600
    Upkeep: £4000+ Easy

    To Do List:

    - New Exhaust Manifold
    - Front Bumper Respray
    - Revised Aux / Cam Belt to fit

    Pictures up to date as of 030714
  1. I also forgot, I have the new Aux / Cam belt to fit, another for my to do list :Tongue:
  2. Sorted car fella.
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