The Beast
Weekend Toy Owned by Simes

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    Acquired Jan 2016 with known faults:
    Not charging battery------Fixed
    Tailgate will open remotely, but will not latch, and reverses unless closed manually.--------Fixed
    Sat nav DVD laser suspected dirty------Replaced
    Temperature/clock display poss loose connection- dim or bright, requires a thump.-------Fixed
    P0325 knock sensor/ intermittent eml display.-------Suspect old fuel left in tank for a year. Ran it to empty then filled with high octane, seemed to cure it but it came back on once, so ongoing...EDIT ... That didn't fix it, knock sensor required

    Fitted 17" Pentas.

    But it was a bargain!
  1. That Temperature/clock display issue is driving me crazy. How did You fixed that?
  2. :morephotos:
    Good to see you're sorting out those known faults.
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    1. Nels Avatar
      Much better with Pentas on.
      Nels, Monday 4th Apr, 2016
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