The Black Bomber
Owned by j b l

  1. Lovely bike. Slightly agricultural, but just packed with character. A mate had one in Castrol colours and it always attracted an admiring crowd, often armed with tools to get it running again. :Wink:
    But seriously. Legendary bike. Nice one.
  2. Awesome just love the SP1 and SP2's you have some tasty Yoshi cans.
  3. Looks a beast !
  4. Very nice SP2 @j b l . :Niceone:
    How long have you had her?
    1. j b l Avatar
      Since January only. Coming from an 5vy R1 it's far less refined and slower but so much more of an occasion. Absolutely loving it. Going for a little tour of the Ardennes at some point this month.
      j b l, Wednesday 3rd Jun, 2015
  5. Ooh, that's luverly that is. I is well jeal as the yoofs of today say....:dribble:
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