The Black Pearl
Daily Driver Owned by Accord Man

  1. The pictures are awesome!!
    You still have the Accord?
    Love it, I have the same grill and wheels :Wink:
    Special about yours is that you can not have this grill without also changing the whole front bumper. Very rare, exceptional ride you have there (or had??).
  2. Great photographs @Accord Man :GoodJob:

    Did you keep the Accord or go for the Civic?
  3. I love the front grill, looks fantastic!

    Also, those wheels are awesome.
  4. That's a smashing photograph. Did you take it?
    1. Accord Man Avatar
      Hi, yes, but I really haven't got the hang of this site yet. The picture should have been of a 2017 Civic Sport Plus, I was going to buy tody but I just can't bring myself to get rid of the Accord
      Accord Man, Saturday 11th Mar, 2017
    2. Nels Avatar
      I know the feeling. I've had Accords for 30 years!
      Nels, Saturday 11th Mar, 2017
    3. Accord Man Avatar
      I'm only half of that. So far!
      Accord Man, Saturday 11th Mar, 2017