The black pearl!
Partner's Car Owned by Tear101

  • Got this as our main family car and love it! Unfortunately my wife has claimed it as hers so I only get to drive it at the weekends!
  1. So the black pearl took a big hit from a 18ton lorry before Christmas doing a lot of damage to the drivers rear quarter panel and rear end. Had to take her to Gardiner motors in Wellingborough and she looks like new! can't tell its been worked on so well happy with their work! Shame the lorry driver drove off so £500 insurance excess bill for me!!!!!!
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    1. Nels Avatar
      Always upsetting when that happens. Pleased you've got her back again.
      Nels, Wednesday 13th Jan, 2016
    2. CathyJ_NW Avatar
      Dangit. Glad she's ok though (and the wife lol)
      CathyJ_NW, Saturday 27th Aug, 2016
  2. Although she's claimed your CR-V, does she give it back when it needs a wash?
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  3. Another great looking CR-V...:morephotos:
  4. :welcome: Good choice of car and in the best colour :Wink:
  5. Nice looking CR-V - looks great in Black Pearl!
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