The cat that roars
Daily Driver Owned by Redvee

  • Finally, my dream car. Such a pleasure to drive, and worth the outlay. My previous car was a SAAB 95 2.3 Turbo, so the Legend isn't massively more expensive to run - same insurance, £200 a year more on tax and about £10 a week more on fuel.

    'Like a pussy cat that becomes a lion' is my wife's description and it seems to sum it up well - purring along smoothly until it gets excited, then it growls and shifts!

    The SH-AWD is amazing, but takes some getting used to - powering on as you go into a corner seems completely counter-intuitive, but once you get used to it the car just feels like it's on rails. Amazingly nimble for such a huge car.

    So far, loving it. Will update regularly as the initial excitement wears off and it starts to become just 'my car' - hopefully not for five years or so!