The Ferry
Track Project Owned by atoma

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Stock B20Z VTEC engine, Stock inside, B16A2 head, Spoon cam gears, B16A2 camshafts, 50mm exhaust, Short air intake, S2000 Seats and steering wheel, Rota Auto X wheels with Toyo Proxess tyres, VTI back seats and more that I miss.
  1. C4 cams won't give you more power if going NA. They'll give you a bit more torque, and move the peak torque to lower RPMs.
    If you're going for HP, C6 cams are what you want! :Smile:
  2. Thank you guys, actually the engine is more powerfull than mine but because money problem I go to this stage only. The future changes was: to change camshaft with B18C4 or B18C6, to change bolts in the block with ARP's, to change the exhaust with 63mm and other small things, and maybe the engine results will be better :Smile:

    I don't know what to tell more, if you want you can ask me :Smile:
  3. Nice, another 5 gen! I like it :Grin:
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  4. Wow fantastic specs and output from the motor. Tell us more about it..
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  5. Old skool ! Like it :Thumbup:
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