The S
Daily Driver Owned by Bf402

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    - invidia exhaust
    - BBS LM 18" refinished in black w/ red stripe
    - Soft top with glass rear window retrofitted
  1. Best colour combination out there ... :dance:
  2. Badass, welcome fellow owner : ) Looks amazing,
  3. That's a beauty !
    1. Bf402 Avatar
      Thanks! :Smile:
      Bf402, Tuesday 16th Jun, 2015
  4. Great colour AP1. :Niceone:
    How long have you had her?
    1. Bf402 Avatar
      Thanks! I got her last summer :Smile:
      Bf402, Tuesday 16th Jun, 2015
  5. Welcome bud we need more pictures of your ride please.