The Type-R
Owned by Rhys

  • This is my Type-R. It's currently off the road at the moment as it needs welding in some areas. The shell is on 141k but the engine has a super low 59k.
  1. love white rims!
    headlights need polishing though, easy to do and car will look much better!
  2. Not bad for a black one.... :Wink:
  3. I still miss mine ... Even to this day.

    Even with the NSX

    Fantastic car, even my wife liked it and would comment if she saw one

    Nice example and health to drive
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  4. Inner front arches is the most common place as it's a fault from the factory. Water draining from the windscreen seeps down the seam between the arch and bulkhead which causes rot from the inside out and can go un noticed until its too late like mine, I have a huge hole on the driver side and the other side is on its way :'(. Alot of ATR owners have ended up breaking they're cars because of the expense of getting it repaired which if done properly requires the whole dash to come out. I'll be getting mine done soon hopefully as I can not part with this awesome car.
  5. Looking good Rhys.

    What areas do these rust in ?
  6. Sweet ride Rhys.
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