The Unique Green
Daily Driver Owned by mustnap

  • Manual transmission 5 speed. SE version with Sunroof.

    Trying to change the ICE from a non SatNav with a SatNav one.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Swapped the grill with a Euro R one (honeycomb). Clutch worn out at 64k, replaced it with Exedy clutch. Replaced the flywheel with EuroR (K20A) flywheel.

    Swapped the headlights with stock HID headlight from a scrapped CM2 from Japan. Also took a front bumper lip from a CM2.

    Swapped the wheels from the stock Honda to EuroR rims.
  1. Quite like that colour, very rare !

    Some nice little mods you have there @mustnap
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