The wagon
Daily Driver Owned by StuH

  1. She looks smashing @StuH
    Please add more pictures soon.
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  2. This is my second Accord, the first being a 2003 2.4 Auto Exec Tourer which I had for nearly five years. I wasn't thinking of changing but the new one turned up at a local ford dealer and I bid them daft money which didn't have to go up that much before they accepted. The '03 model was an April 2003 car and this one April 2008, so I've had the first and last of the breed. There might be only five years between them but the '08 feels a significant improvement.

    The paint on the '03 was rubbish and it was rusting which is really why I moved it on. Thankfully the paint on the new one is much better and it has no rust at all. It's come up really well after a good detail.

    I bought it in the knowledge that it needed two new rear tyres, so one of the first jobs was to get them done (Goodyear Efficiency Performance) and I had a full Hunter alignment done. One thing that I really missed was the HIDs so I've installed the dreaded after-market HIDs (4300k 35w). It had been subjected to a service at the ford dealers so I've ordered a full service kit from holdcroft inc. transmission fluid and fuel filter and will get my trusty local indy to do the work.

    There' a few little niggles that I'll get to work on; there's a small crack in the windscreen so I'll have that changed. The HFT just does not want to connect to my phone even though all the voice commands work. There's little noise from the rear which I've narrowed down to the rear spoiler so that needs looking at.

    All in all, I'm really impressed!
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