The wife's previously owned 6th Generation
Previously Owned Owned by lefty

  • This was my wife's previous Accord, a 6th Generation, 2.0lt petrol manual Executive, totally standard. We bought it with 4500 miles and sold it with 165,000 miles on the clock. I replaced 1 front shock absorber, the battery and we replaced the clutch, as I felt the pedal was getting high - my mate doing the job said there was actually nothing wrong with the clutch. I never replaced any brake discs, only pads and the only other thing to go was the front fog lights smashed a few times.
    We wanted to replace it before 100,000 miles but as it never let us down we never got around to changing it.
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  1. That's awesome that it never gave you any trouble in 165k, just goes to show how well made they are.
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