/Track project
Daily Driver Owned by Smallfry

  • Owned the car for 2years now and been expressing myself and having fun with it ever since. Inspired by the track and spirited driving. Now it's time to step it up a level and challenge myself with a more complex build.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Slow A.K.A D14Z2.
    K&N induction.
    Spoon N1 rep exhaust.
    Omex rev limiter w/ lauch control.
    In the process of being B swapped.

    BC racing coilovers.
    BWR rear lower control arms.

    Rota slipstream 15x8 ET20.
    Yokohama parada spec2 195/50/r15.
    6TWO1 aluminium lug nuts.

    Front 262mm EBC BSDseries discs.
    EBC yellow stuff pads.
    Goodridge braided brake lines.

    Raemco SPN Carbon seat.
    Takata drift II 3-point safety harness.
    Harness bar/B-pillar brace.
    Personal neo grinta 330mm steering wheel Kingston edition.
    6TWO1 weighted gear :tut:.
    Skunk2 4" shift extension.
    Broadway 270mm flat rear view mirror.
    Mugen rep pedals.
    Stripped of rear seats, plastics, roof lining.
    Carbon cluster.
    DAB radio.

    CTR front/rear lip and grill.
    Spoon duckbill rear spoiler.
    Fibreworx intake duct.
    Stuke rear diffuser and winglets.
    12x6 plates.
  1. Wow how have I only just seen this? Absolutely stunning love these and this is a very fine example. Please keep us upto date with anything new and would love to see more photo's and any track footage :Thumbup:
  2. @Accord_N22 thanks mate, B series build is slow progress but having lots of fun stripping the internals and seeing my bank account run dry lol you can never to old to play about with cars :Wink:
    @Costa777 thanks matey, yeah the slips are a classic combo amongst the EK's haha
    @harry22673 the fog light hasn't been wired up, so it's acts as a reflector lol but had the intention too wire it and use as a rain light/fog light, was a cheap eBay buy from China
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    1. harry22673 Avatar
      Can you do that in this country
      harry22673, Tuesday 16th Feb, 2016
  3. Love a facelift EK Civic. Reminds me of my Civic days.
    An awesome build, looks so fresh and clean.
    Good luck with the B series swap. Me and my brother did one on his Ej2 Civic coupe. Was tricky but great fun.
    Not sure i would do one now though. Getting old and all. lol.
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  4. Looks so good! Facelift EKs with Slipstreams always look good, but this one is beyond awesome.. Love the rear splitter and fog light
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  5. That rear fog light
    Is that actually connected to the fog light or are you using it for something else
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