Daily Driver Owned by diddzytypeR

  • Xenon lights (allready fitted)
    Piper cross panel filter (fitted)
    Windows tints (next)
    Toda racing exhaust system (coming soon)
  1. Exhaust now fitted and piper cross induction kit in. hondata flashpro landed on front door so rolling road and remapped end of month
  2. Sweet FN2 mate, got one myself! Fun car to drive and as said above, these still look fresh today even compared to the 9th/10th Generation Civics. Looks sweet in black ;-)
  3. Smashing black FN2. :morephotos:
  4. That's a sweet looking FN2!
    1. diddzytypeR Avatar
      I think so was looking for long time to get one low mileage for the age and that was in really good condition.
      diddzytypeR, Friday 19th Feb, 2016
  5. That design still looks fresh today. Good stuff.
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  6. Lovely FN2 - looking at getting one myself
    1. diddzytypeR Avatar
      Thank you it is nice fab car to drive
      diddzytypeR, Sunday 14th Feb, 2016
  7. Will do and when start mods
  8. Welcome fella please do add more pictures as and when you can.
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