Daily Driver Owned by Charlescouch

  1. Lovely car mate, and I've noticed u have the rial PEDUA wheels too, I have a set of 17s on my tourer and to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of them but they look good on ur car
  2. Hey mate have you had a chance to do anything from your mod list yet? Get some more pics in your garage bro :Smile:
  3. I've had the car about 18 months now, pretty much standard apart from the 18inch Rial alloys. I've owned BMW's, Merc's and my previous car to this was an Audi A6, and I have to say I love the way the Accord drives over and above the German marques. My first ever car was an old Honda Civic, I've always liked Hondas and the reliability is what drew me back to this current purchase, I don't know why I waited so long!!

    Bought it as a daily driver, love the way she drives but I've now got some long term plans for the car, I want to do a red top Type-R head swap, uprate the exhausts and intake as well as getting the car wrapped, preferably in championship white. Wish they brought the Euro R to the UK as I've seen this model in Hong Kong, also looking for a few Mugen goodies, will keep profile updated as and when these things happen.

    Will post more pics when I have time.
  4. Looks good from the one pic we have !

    Love to see some more :Thumbup:

    Looks like it's lowered too, please do tell us more.
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  5. Need more pictures fella
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