ukcl9 modified Type-S
Daily Driver Owned by ukcl9

  • Hi im ukcl9,and this is my car.I've owned it for just over a year.hope you all like it.i will try to add more pictures.but they all seem always seem to be dirty

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Littlebo reflash vtec 4600-7600
    Ep3 gears 1-5
    Dc5 steering wheel
    Progress rasb
    Marven 25mm countersunk gear :tut:
    Facelift headlights
    J, 70RR
    Weapon R header
    Buddyblub coilovers
    Camber adjusters
    Spoon style steering rack clamp
    Spoon monoblock calipers
    Dixcel type z pads
    ATR disc,s
    Braided hoses
    Super blue brake fluid
    Lenso d1r wheels 7,9kg
    Bridgestone RE070 tyres
    Mods to fit
    Tsx intake cam
    J37 tb+pipe work
  1. your comments please

    im thinking of stripping my cl9 for road legal track it has coilovers aready,i can get higher spring rates for £30 each,i have dc5 brembo's that im going to refurb and remap and exhaust in the shed.i think weight is the killer tho.i want to get the weight to 1250kg or 1440kg now.i saw some took the interior out and only saved 50kg.personly if i can't save 100kg or more.i don't think its worth the effort.any idea on saving thinking of perspex rear windows,interior it possible to leave only the drivers airbag and it still work without the other i think the cl9 isnt worth much.i thought it would be a good project.i know its not going to be very fast.but should be great fun,if it work then i will return to stock
    1. Kris81 Avatar
      Hi @ukcl9 did you go down the track car route then?
      Kris81, Thursday 15th Oct, 2015
  2. Really like the blue callipers on this.
  3. @ukcl9, just wondered what has happened to your cl9?
    With you now having the euro r?
    1. ukcl9 Avatar
      my brother is looking after it for me
      ukcl9, Saturday 20th Jun, 2015
  4. Solid mod choices, spec list reads very well. Interested to hear more about her.
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    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      That sounds about right mate, though mine reads insanely high at 218whp with just a CAI and a retune at the moment, to be fair it hasn't been on a proper dyno.

      I'm actually just about to do my transmission overhaul on mine, EP3 1-5, Wavetrac LSD, Exedy Lightweight Flywheel/Stage 1 Clutch :Smile:

      Serge seems to think the ZDX 70mm TB will lead to bad idling, what made you choose that over a 65mm?
      DeviateDefiant, Friday 26th Sep, 2014
    3. ukcl9 Avatar
      i told sergey i wanted more power.he advised i buy TL TB and tsx 06 intake he can remap my ECU for these upgrades.and will see 240 BHP.which is enough for me

      my TB isnt j37.i was wrong its TL 68 in 65 out.please can you edit that

      zdx is just to big.

      sergey knows his stuff..i wish i had listened to him more,when picking my mods.
      ukcl9, Friday 26th Sep, 2014
    4. ukcl9 Avatar
      now the owner of a white supercharged euro r
      ukcl9, Tuesday 14th Oct, 2014