VFR800i vtec
Weekend Toy Owned by Awesome_Ian

  1. Great bikes , my best buddy has one on a 60 plate and his bike is mint , he put bar risers so it a bit more comfy for the long hauls.
    1. Awesome_Ian Avatar
      I love it. 60 plate makes it an A9 model the same as mine. Im managing about 400 miles a month just now. It's still quite salty out so new pictures have to wait till it's less mucky out and I can be it detailed instead of the quick washes and hose downs it's getting the now.
      Awesome_Ian, Wednesday 30th Mar, 2016
  2. Gets tucked away for stormy or snowy weather etc, as I've got the CR-V for that anyway. I may add some carbonfibre as a fenda extenda, and a hugger at the rear one day. I'm fairly tall so i am considering options to lower the foot pegs an inch or so. Other than that I really like it the way Honda made it!
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