VFR800i vtec
Weekend Toy Owned by Awesome_Ian

  1. Just seen this pop up - sweet, love the VFR, no winter riding for me nowadays though, fair-weather only! You thought about using Vulcanet or similar to help protect against winter salt-destruction?
    1. Awesome_Ian Avatar
      It gets liberally coated in ACF50 after its last clean and polish of the season. It's usually ft the road for 3 months, 4 at a push. Engine run monthly and fuel stabiliser used etc. Wheels turned, chain lube checked and so on. Have seen vulcanet wipes advertised but seems too good to be true, and I've never seen a reference from any of the hundred bikers I know..l
      Awesome_Ian, Friday 17th Feb, 2017
  2. Great bikes , my best buddy has one on a 60 plate and his bike is mint , he put bar risers so it a bit more comfy for the long hauls.
    1. Awesome_Ian Avatar
      I love it. 60 plate makes it an A9 model the same as mine. Im managing about 400 miles a month just now. It's still quite salty out so new pictures have to wait till it's less mucky out and I can be it detailed instead of the quick washes and hose downs it's getting the now.
      Awesome_Ian, Wednesday 30th Mar, 2016
  3. Gets tucked away for stormy or snowy weather etc, as I've got the CR-V for that anyway. I may add some carbonfibre as a fenda extenda, and a hugger at the rear one day. I'm fairly tall so i am considering options to lower the foot pegs an inch or so. Other than that I really like it the way Honda made it!
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