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  • Sadly no longer with us and sorely missed.

    My first car. Purchased in 2013 for £300 with 96k on the clock, 6 months' tax and MOT, half a tank of fuel and a full service history. And because I bought it from my step-dad so he could get something more economical and practical for his purposes (which ended up being a 1999 Renault Scenic 1.4 petrol that he now hates), I didn't even have to go anywhere to pick it up. It made quite a drastic change from the car I learned in, a 2010 Suzuki Swift 1.2l. Before that, it had been a good few years since I'd driven any car, most of which were a similar size. MkII Golfs and the like, driven around in fields.

    The beast served me well for two years as my daily driver. It got me to my job very comfortably (usually unsociable hours and overnight shifts) and was an excellent vehicle for road trips with friends, transporting my band and a huge amount of our equipment, and on occasion just parking up in a field and camping in it for the night. Despite being a reasonable 6'0" with a debilitating spinal condition, it was pretty comfortable to sleep in. After a rather convoluted and unfortunate series of events at home, I even lived in it for a month. Comfortably.
    It also served as a taxi with a reluctant driver. You know how it goes. You're the only person in your group of friends with a car (or in my case, the biggest car), and suddenly you're getting phone calls and texts at 2am from drunk friends wanting a ride home. However, it was quite amusing to see the old man car jokes stop all of a sudden when they need you or when your car-owning friends realise how much more powerful yet luxurious the Accord is compared to their brand new Peugeot tin cans.
    I experienced only minor issues with the car while I had it. After over a year of ownership, I had the brake lines and ignition coil replaced. Apart from that, there were only insignificant problems like the resistor pack on the blowers failed and a few fuses for non-essential systems blew.

    A sad end was met in May 2015. I had picked up two friends after work as they needed a ride. It was about 2am (like I said, I worked unusual hours) and I'd been diverted off the dual-carriageway onto a C-road that went through a dense forest. I was exhausted as it had been a long week with many brutal shifts. As we neared a right hand bend, a stag leapt out from the treeline 15 feet from the car. It had been raining and there was surface water on the road. I swerved to avoid the deer and the back end slid out. Attempting to compensate, the car fishtailed some distance before entering a roadside ditch and colliding head on with a tree, coming to rest at a 45 degree angle with the passenger side in the ditch. The damage was extensive. The rear passenger side was caved in, the rear screen shattered and obviously the front end was quite a bit shorter than before. I sustained three broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and head trauma, yet miraculously I walked out of the car and was able to flag down a passing van. My front passenger (and oldest friend) was thankfully completely unharmed save for a small cut on his arm and feeling quite achey the morning after. He was kind enough to come and stay at my flat while I recovered, cooking and cleaning for me. My rear passenger, who was not wearing his seatbelt, sustained a broken collar bone, a laceration to the head and severe bruising. The police, after taking our statements and following standard RTC protocols, took no further action concluding that I took the best available course of action under the circumstances. Hitting the stag, they decided, would have posed a greater risk to myself and my front passenger as we may not have survived the crash. Nevertheless, we were all lucky to walk away. This I attribute to the car. Since that incident, I've been utterly confident in the build quality and safety ratings of the Honda Accord. All that remains of that car is the rear number plate, which I kept as a souvenir.

    Due to my fondness for the Honda Accord and personal sentiment specifically for my first car, I opted to buy a second one that was as close to my original as possible. I was given a Citroen C5 by my dad to allow me to get back to work, and after three months (just before the MOT was due on the Citroen, which it would NOT pass by any stretch) I was able to afford Basil. He's as close as I could find to my first Accord, but I was glad of the upgrade. Bigger engine, nice alloys, tasty body kit and some luxurious optional extras.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    I put stickers on it I did :Grin:

    Victor had had two aftermarket stereos fitted during my ownership. The first even had a DVD player. Nothing special though, as the screen was on the front panel. On a single DIN unit. The screen was maybe 2". Pointless, but it was free. Soon after, that unit failed and I replaced it with another JVC stereo that seemed to have it all. Not that it mattered. It had auxiliary input and that's all I needed. After I wrote the car off, I graciously allowed the guy that recovered my car to have that stereo as he was a friend and regular customer at my work.

    When I first got the car, one previous owner had wired the accessory relay to an on/off switch located by my right knee which allowed him to turn the stereo and 12v socket on and off independently of the ignition. I didn't get on with this setup as I kept hitting the switch with my knee, so I returned the wiring to normal.

    The car came debadged. This was not intentional; the badges simply fell off. I covered the areas they'd fallen off of with stickers given to me by a Korean band I'd opened for at a gig in Bristol.

    When a headlight bulb failed (at night on Christmas Eve), I opted to replace them both with xenon halogens. I also replaced both rear light assemblies as my neighbour took a hammer to them one night. She still won't admit to it.
  1. I found more photos hiding on my computer, too! Mmmm... Soapy. Along with photos taken after my neighbour took a hammer to my tail lights.
  2. so what did you do to it? *grabs popcorn*
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    2. Jables667 Avatar
      The car fishtailed on me pretty badly before I managed to get it straight. By then, I was hitting 50-60. Thankfully, I didn't hit the deer. If I had, apparently my passenger and I would've done a lot worse. He walked away with literally no injuries, and I sustained three broken ribs, damaged rotary cuff in my left shoulder and minor head trauma. We had a lot of fun finding glass (from the rear screen, of all places!) in our hair and clothes for days afterward. The windscreen didn't even crack
      Jables667, Saturday 23rd Jan, 2016
    3. legend-ary Avatar
      ouch! 3 broken ribs and head trauma :/ glad to hear that you have recovered but a lesson for all of us to keep on our toes in bad weather and specially on unfamiliar roads.
      legend-ary, Saturday 23rd Jan, 2016
    4. Jables667 Avatar
      ^ Definitely that. And my advice is to check your tyres and brakes regularly. The tyres weren't in dreadful condition, but they weren't far from needing replacements. Finally, and I cannot stress this enough: Seatbelts.
      Jables667, Saturday 13th Feb, 2016
  3. You don't have any pics of your last car @Jables667 ?
    1. Jables667 Avatar
      Unfortunately no. The phone with all the photos on it got totaled along with the car. Never using a mobile phone holder again!
      Jables667, Saturday 23rd Jan, 2016
    2. Jables667 Avatar
      Scratch that. Found one very bad photo lurking in the cloud!
      Jables667, Saturday 23rd Jan, 2016
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