Volcano Grey Tourer 2.4 EX
Daily Driver Owned by kazh72

  • Hi. An excited new owner of this 2009 EX Tourer. Looking to slowly and carefully craft this into a unique drive. Still looks really fresh and relevant against the modern rivals. Can't believe it's 8 years old. A way ahead of its time I feel. So the basics are all done. LED lights inside and out. New sports leather steering wheel and shift selector. Auto-fold mirrors and rear windows tinted.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Installed mods:

    1. Auto mirror fold module (08V02-TL0-000)
    2. Leather Steering Wheel (08U97-TL0-020)
    3. Leather shift :tut: (08U92-TL0-010)
    4. HorizonLED interior LED kit
    5. Latest Navi DVD
    6. Seat back protectors
    7. Rear window tint
    8. Dash Cam Thinkware F770
    9. ProClip USA dashmount for iPhone
    10. HorizonLED exterior LEDs (all except for the hi-beams)
    11. Jazz Washer Jet Nozzle
    12. Brink Towbar
    13. Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust
    14. Honda 18" Delta Wheels (TL0-875B)
    15. Honda Black wheel nuts (08W42-TDJ-000) with matching black locking nuts (08W42-SNW-000)

    Other Items
    1. CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger
    2. Buzzrack Bike Rack
    3. Thule Dynamic 900
    4. Honda Rubber Mats

    On the wish list:

    a) Sports grill and bumper and side skirts (the towbar makes the rear mod difficult!)
    b) Speaker upgrades
  1. This is a very nice Tourer with some great mods.

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  2. @kazh72 .

    Interested in the auto folding mirrors, do you have any more info i.e. where you obtained them from, price etc.

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    1. kazh72 Avatar
      Hi John, I used Amazon Japan. So go to amazon.co.jp put in the part number 08V02-TL0-000 and then go and buy. It's in Japanese but its the same process as UK Amazon. The shop that sells the unit ships to the UK and handles all the shipping and duty. So really simple. It came to £98.86 all in (shipping and duty).
      kazh72, Thursday 26th Jan, 2017
    2. ZeroZ Avatar
      cheers for the info, can you lets us know if this actually works?
      ZeroZ, Monday 30th Jan, 2017
    3. kazh72 Avatar
      Worked a treat. The guys at the Honda dealership struggled to work out how to do the install but once they figured it out, it was a quick deal. No cutting, modding, or customizing. Everything was plug and play. I was charged £50 for the install.
      kazh72, Wednesday 15th Feb, 2017
  3. Hello @kazh72 and welcome to Honda Karma Looking forward to see the mods being applied to the car.
    Keep up updated via your project log.
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    1. kazh72 Avatar
      Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I will keep updating as I go along.
      kazh72, Thursday 26th Jan, 2017