VTR1000F Firestorm
Weekend Toy Owned by sgoaty

  • My 1997 Firestorm. I sold my ZZR1400 as I wanted the money for other things. This was going to be temporary until I got something newer but I've had it 2 years now and Im still enjoying it.
  1. I've always loved this Honda, for me is one of the best bike ever made ( like RC30 and Africa Twin, and also the ZXR400 too!)
    You are a luky man!
  2. Love the first photograph below and the background!
    1. sgoaty Avatar
      I have had a good few bikes and have pretty much the same photo with most of them I can't help myself :Smile:

      Its Eilean Donan Castle on the West Coast of Scotland. It was used in Highlander. That's The Isle of Skye in the background.
      sgoaty, Sunday 1st Mar, 2015
  3. 1997 ? Wow ... looks brand new :Smile:
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