Daily Driver Owned by wahabishtiaq

  • Full car body work planned to fix scratches and dents ( Especially rust growing @ bottom of rear door)
    Alloy refurb to be done soon
    EGR and Manifold deep clean to be done before winter
    Headlight restoration with resealing to avoid condensation in winter to be done soon

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Xcarlink bluetooth installed

    Service History & Related Threads

    Honda Genuine fuel filter changed at 90k
    NEW X4 GY tyres
    OW30 oil used after every 5k
    MTF changed at 96k
    PSF Changed and flushed @ 102k
    Full leather clean and conditioned done
  1. Black is no easy colour to up keep but looks like you are well on top of it, looking good buddy :Thumbup:

    Also good to see very routine fluid changes with all fluids covered, you are looking after her well and I'm sure she will return the favour by giving you many years of reliable service.

    Which GoodYear tyres did you put on ?
    1. wahabishtiaq Avatar
      It's asymmetrical F1
      wahabishtiaq, Monday 10th Aug, 2015
    2. wahabishtiaq Avatar
      Thanks a lot speedy. Yes she is marvellous. She loves the oil changes and she looks after me well.

      As far as paint work is concerned, my neighbours in private parking a ruthlessly careless. So yeah with age and motorway drive front bonnet is chipped so better get its sorted. Getting some good deal on paint from a local painter.
      wahabishtiaq, Monday 10th Aug, 2015
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