Daily Driver Owned by Jables667

  • This car is something of a project, in that there are a few minor things that need doing and I figure while I'm at it, why not upgrade?

    Planned upgrades are:

    • Induction kit
    • Performance exhaust system (the factory original has rusted in half)
    • Shortshift mod
    • Uprated brakes
    • Aftermarket headlights if I can find some, with Xenon bulbs (preferably green...)
    I also plan to give the bodywork some TLC, since there was a reasonable amount of cosmetic damage when I bought it. Nothing serious, but enough to make me sad. Haven't yet decided what to do with the trailer bar, though. Part of me says take it off because the car will look better, but the other side says come on. Be realistic. You totally use it as a parking sensor.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    None so far other than a new stereo (Sony G3100UV), which was a huge headache to get working because of a well-known chain of stores that shall remain nameless. Managed to pick it up in a sale at... Let's call them Schmalfords - for £69.99. I was attracted to this stereo in particular because it glows any colour I wish and I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

    The car itself, as standard, has a few toys my previous VTEC S saloon didn't such as cruise control (life saver... I do a lot of motorway journeys) and all round electric windows and sunroof, which everyone has thus far approved of.

    Service History & Related Threads

    The car has a near enough complete service history. The previous owner was kind enough to not only include every MOT certificate, but even documentation pertaining to tax, insurance and even every V5C from every previous owner. Not sure why. The car had a new clutch installed in April 2014.
  1. Lovely looking car and you got the nice factory bodykit and those rare alloys. Defo take the towbar off, just makes it look like a builders car or a a caravanner!
    1. Jables667 Avatar
      Many thanks, man! I wasn't aware that the alloys were rare, but I've never seen them before. They're not in the best condition. Thankfully there's a reasonably priced place near me that does refurbs. Definitely want them looking their best, given how much I love them!
      Jables667, Friday 29th Jan, 2016
  2. Haha, that sounds very typical of said store ! Glad you got it sorted without there help :Smile:
    1. Jables667 Avatar
      Thanks dude. You and me both. The previous owner did throw in the factory original stereo unfitted, but the only cassettes I own are Whitesnake. I wouldn't wish that on anyone...
      Jables667, Saturday 23rd Jan, 2016
  3. It's a bit of a story. I was working nights at the time and on pay day, I finished a brutal 16 hour shift and went straight to said nameless chain store to buy a stereo since the car didn't come with one. Picked out a nice Sony G3100UV as a treat for myself and the missus. (She was instrumental in me buying this car. The noise of the Citroen when I'd downshift to overtake cyclists just didn't compare to the Honda according to her). Being essentially undead, I bought the stereo and planned to fit it once I'd slept, forgetting that I was gonna need a harness adapter. So later on, I went back to the store to get one and told them what I needed, giving the specific part number, my reg and straight up telling them what car I had. And then they sold me a harness adapter for a what I suspect was a Civic. It fit and everything, but the stereo would only turn on when the headlights were on and the speakers would only work with the ignition off. I took the adapter back and explained that it couldn't possibly be for my car, and they refused to take it back. I could, however, buy another one and spend £30 on top of that to have it fitted because I must have fitted it wrong. Told them where to stick it, bought the right adapter on Amazon for a fraction of the cost and now everything works fine. I did have an issue with the stereo's memory being wiped on powering down but that was a simple enough fix.
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  4. That's the thing I love about a getting a new (to you) car, it's a whole new project to get going on and lots to fix to bring things up to the standard that you want.

    Haha, how did they manage to mess things up on the stereo ?
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    1. Jables667 Avatar
      And cheers for the like, man. I do love these 6th Generation Accords. It's not entirely new to me given than I had the model down from this one previously, but it is fun playing with all the features this one has that my old one didn't like cruise control, electric sunroof and all round electric windows. It's nice to find something new in a car you're already familiar with, y'know?
      Jables667, Saturday 23rd Jan, 2016
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