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  • motorway machine

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    sitting on rare antera 123 rims yokohama paradas , kw coilovers , clean and simple bodykit . cobra buckets optional Integra momo steering wheel ..
    √Ľnder the bonnet: b16a2 with s9b lsd gearbox and few magical dust :Tongue:

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  1. Heres some videos of her :Tongue:

  2. Fantastic looking car, would really like to do something on these lines with mine but to many projects on the go at the moment .
    When you think there were tons of these on the islands roads but now are getting a rare sight,
    Still I think a lovely looking car and this is a good example. Well done.:Grin:
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    1. sidPM-EG6 Avatar
      Thanks :Smile:
      yeh true they are quite rare in the isles atleast in jsy, when i did buy it , it was the only eg6 vti in the island.. im not too sure atm as iv seen another few around.. :Smile:
      sidPM-EG6, Sunday 17th Jan, 2016
  3. Another EG! :Grin:
    Looking good. Just not a big fan of the skirts and rear lip. The front lip looks good though. Clean engine bay too :Smile:
    Keep it up !
    Do you track it? Or race it, any other way? :Tongue:
    1. sidPM-EG6 Avatar
      thanks mate =D
      i like it though :Smile: think it makes a bit wider but simple at the same time..
      yeh iv done a few drags and a few tracks wiv it.. lookin forward for some more after i finish the process on it :Smile:
      sidPM-EG6, Monday 11th Jan, 2016
    2. Costa777 Avatar
      I put a front lip on mine yesterday, and it looks kinda disproportionate without some skirts too, so now I like yours more haha
      The rear lip though, still not very fond of it :Tongue:
      It's quite a simple bodykit, I'm not saying I straight don't like it, but it gives me mixed feelings haha

      Check my videos on my thread, I "race" my car too, and do some downhill cruises. Trying to go on my first track day on February :Grin:
      Costa777, Tuesday 12th Jan, 2016
  4. Thats some tasty looking car you got there, is the Teg yours too?
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    1. sidPM-EG6 Avatar
      Thanks mate :Smile:
      no the teg is a mate of mine but they look amazing both in the pics and we use to drive about alot together =D
      sidPM-EG6, Sunday 3rd Jan, 2016
  5. She looks excellent. Great pic with the 'matching' white Integra in the background too...
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    1. sidPM-EG6 Avatar
      Thank you buddy :Smile:
      sidPM-EG6, Sunday 3rd Jan, 2016
  6. Looks like she's in excellent condition. That age of Civic is still the best looking in my opinion.
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    1. sidPM-EG6 Avatar
      thank you mate..
      its my favourite model in this generation too :Smile:
      needing a bit tlc which will be done soon hopefully .. ill be postin some more pics
      sidPM-EG6, Wednesday 2nd Sep, 2015
  7. Great to see her here. :morephotos:
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    1. sidPM-EG6 Avatar
      thank you mate :Smile:
      sidPM-EG6, Monday 7th Sep, 2015
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    2. sidPM-EG6 Avatar
      thanks buddy :Smile:
      sidPM-EG6, Monday 7th Sep, 2015