Wife's car
Partner's Car Owned by lefty

  • The wife's car, bought new in 2009 - we were looking for a 2nd hand one but Honda was throwing so much money at the dealers to shift the Accord we actually drove out of the showroom with a brand new one cheaper than the 2nd hand ones were being sold for - result.
    The wife wishes we had bought a black one, but was thinking of me cleaning it - bless.
    I wish we had bought a 2.4 version! More relaxed and only slightly more pricey on fuel
    The only downside, it does not have a sunroof, I even phoned Honda customer services and asked why I could not pay extra to have a sunroof - they told me the demographics state that it is only diesel drivers that require a sunroof????
    65,000 miles since new, the only faults, 2 blown front speakers - replaced under warranty and goodwill!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    None whatsover!