Wife's Si
Daily Driver Owned by Eck

  • Unmodified Si owned by my wife

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    One previous very careful owner - immaculate condition, engine doesn't look as if it has been hot!
    Yearly service carried out in March @ 1223 miles, been hammered since then!!
  1. Nice, lovely red colour :Wink:
  2. The more I see of the Jazz, the more I like it. Seems to have been designed with family activities in mind. Nice version you got there!
  3. Surprised to see that bonnet 'slam panel' not in body colour. Is that normal for a Jazz?
    1. harry22673 Avatar
      That's standard for them. For some reason they chose a beige rather than body colour but it is its own piece so not connected to anything so maybe it was just to cut costs
      harry22673, Sunday 23rd Oct, 2016
  4. More pics added.
  5. More pictures needed - lovely looking thing
  6. The front of the Si just looks so much better than the standard Jazz...and in red - lovely!

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