Daily Driver Owned by RobsyUK

  • Willy our 2010 1.8 Auto FR-V EX
    3 previous owners with full Honda history and used as our daily driver.
    A very clean car that we have many plans for

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    To do, well if wife allows :Wink:

    Move rear wiper to down position
    Grooved discs front and rear
    Integra rear calipers
    Lowered 30mm
    Chrome sill covers
    Spy glass light covering
    Mugen front grill
    Civic Type-R FN2 alloys (18inch)
    All interior light to come on at once
    Folding mirrors to operate on key
    Mud flaps


    Rear boot rubber tray
    Private plate
    Aero Flat wiper blades
  1. Looks ace pal keep us posted with your mods
  2. The squeaky sun visor has been silenced with the help of Mr Sheen..
    Clever trick using polish on plastic parts that move.
    It helps them slide like a baby :Smile:
  3. The mileage is close enough for the 62,500 mile service so while the rear discs and pads were replaced at Honda the service & oil was done.
  4. While table shopping today I thought I saw a cheeky Mugen logo on a building in Mitlon Keynes.
    Turns out they have relocated to my home town.
    Result! I can now order and get them to fit a few over night parts from Japan.
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  5. Few bits have arrived!!!
  6. Looks really good.

  7. Thanks,
    Having a baby in the back it'll be much better to have both lights come on at once rather then trying to stretch back to reach it
  8. Looking good mate, can't wait to see the mods. I want all my interior light to come on at once and I want to install additional light for the boot.
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