Work horse
Daily Driver Owned by Peterlagowski

  • Bought this in 2014. First registered in France in 2005 and has spent all its time in southern France apart from a few weeks in UK so body rot not an issue. Have had rubber bushes at the rear replaced together with front driveshafts and new discs and pads all round. There is still a slight vibration at around 30 to 40 kph which I believe is the prop shaft centre bearing. On the to do list along with sorting squeaks and rattles in the tailgate.
  1. The second gen CR-V has some presence about itself it looks like the proper off-roader, Nice garages.

    That is a lot of fire wood in front of the CR-V,,
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    1. Peterlagowski Avatar
      And it all got burned this past winter!
      Peterlagowski, Tuesday 24th May, 2016
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