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  • 2005 Honda Acty, we bought it in an awful state, left in a field vandalized by youth and driven into by farm vehicles, all windows were smashed, the doors were bent like bananas and just needed a lot of TLC. We gave it a full make over including imported Honda Vamos doors with electric windows and window visors, Vamos face front with Chrome grille, Vamos fenders adding LED indicators, imported aftermarket rear fenders, restored mazda mx5 alloys with centre bores flapwheeled to fit, some subtle interior mods including EP3 Type-R steering wheel, cute 100W amplifier, Spiegel floormats and vinyl seat covers etc... etc...
  1. We went to a Honda meet at Ace Cafe at the end of last year, I just found out it was covered in the January issue of BANZAI magazine and our Acty was mentioned in it + a picture. Uploaded the facebook image :Laughing:
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  2. Might take it to a few meets in spring/summer and put a motorcycle on the back.
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  3. That looks soo cool. I like how you just restored the Beat and this one
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  4. oh yeah for sure.
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