Zav13r's Modified CL9 Facelift
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  • I originally owned a 5 door Civic (some may have seen or heard of it, mainly over on as it was one of the few modified ones in the UK) but it was time for a move to something more grown up. And more powerful. So I started hunting for an alternative and I have always loved this generation Accord. You also don't see too many of them on the roads which aren't bog standard, or being used as taxis :Grin:

    In July I found this 2006 Type-S model, in Alabaster silver with about 85k miles on the clock. It had the K24 engine and some basic mods already. I later discovered that it was previously owned by another Accord enthusiast so was very well looked after.

    I love it. It handles like a dream whether sprinting around a track or cruising on the motorway, is very eager to be driven hard and is in excellent condition. It is fitted with the premium sound and sat nav package giving the feel of luxury but I do enjoy some of the track feel and look too. I appreciate it may not be to everyone's taste but I like a balance of visual and performance modifications. The aggressive look does it for me and I do like the culture of modifying cars. Some will hate the stickers, yellow fogs etc and that is fine. It is still a work in progress and things will change but for now, I'm enjoying it and extremely happy :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras


    Comptech Icebox air intake
    US TSX 2008 Throttle Body
    XO Power Reflash (VTEC at 4600 WOT through until 7600)
    NGK Iridium plugs
    Cat back stainless steel dual exit exhaust (2.75" into 2.5")
    Tein Comfort Sport coilovers (lowered 35-40mm all round)
    EBC Greenstuff pads, Grooved discs
    RSX 45 degree VTC gear (ordered)
    Rear Comptech 22mm Sway Bar (Ordered)
    Hybrid Racing Shift Linkage Bushes (Ordered)


    Genuine Mugen front grill
    Genuine Mugen rear spoiler
    Mugen replica wind deflectors
    HIC US style rear window spoiler
    18" MSW (OZ Racing) shadow chrome alloys with Verdestein Sessanta 225/45/18 tyres
    Kensun 8000k HID conversion
    CREE LED bulbs all round
    Yellow Fogs
    Fly-eyed rear lights
    Genuine Red Honda badges
    De-chromed exterior
    Colour matched reversing camera in numberplate light
    Various forum and other stickers :Tongue:


    Overhead ambient LEDs
    Genuine Accord floor mats
    Genuine Honda pedals
    Genuine Mugen CF gear :tut:
    Custom Leather and stitch gear boot, handbrake cover and dial surround cover
    Smaller pre facelift Steering wheel with full controls (HFT)
    Xcarlink interface


    Fully synthetic Motul 8100 X-Cess oil
    K&N High flow oil filter
    RBF 600
    Shell Nitro+ Unleaded, always :Smile:
    Kleenfreaks snowfoam, Meguiars Ultimate Compoud & Meguiars Tech Wax 2, Kleenz Quick Wax

    Service History & Related Threads

    July 2014 - Bought car
    July - Oct 2014 - Bought parts, random bits
    Oct 2014 - First full, proper service. Engine flush, Oil change, new spark plugs, new tyres, brake pads and Seafoamed.
  1. Hey there bud! :Bye:

    Glad to see you on here, hope all's well with yourself and the Accord, she's looking good as always.
  2. Impressive start to the spec-list Zav13r, how far you taking her moving forward?
  3. hi please can i ask where you got the littlebo i don't remember reflashing this car.and im littlebo...only uk rep

    your car should not be knocking.have you contacted littlebo regarding this problem?
  4. Stunning motor mate, love it! :Smile:
  5. Hey zav dabrad89 from epcivic managed to track you down finally! Accords looking fresh as ever
    Have some Qs about your coilies
    1. Zav13r Avatar
      Hey Brad! How you getting on matey? Glad to see you on here too :Smile: Are you referring to the coilovers on the Civic?
      Zav13r, Wednesday 29th Oct, 2014
  6. Remember that car from way back as Ichiban stated. You have it looking very well I like the roof spoiler very different but looks good.
  7. Hi Nighthawk. Thanks for the comments :Smile: they are the standard fogs actually so just the camera but I have some cree leds to fit. I think the drop at the moment is great and feels so good around country roads. I have always liked cars sitting pretty low but the long nose on these makes that pretty impractical!

    Future plans, there are lots. Next on the list is window tints to finish off the exterior and then rsx vtc gear, rcc manifold and probably a retune. I also need to sort the engine knock at high rpm which Ichiban alluded to below.
  8. That looks just lovely, love her stance on the road. Is that LED foglights or a trick of the camera? Do you have any other plans for her?
  9. That's a very unique looking Type-S, she's sitting just right, must be great to drive.