Daily Driver Owned by Zudzilla

  • Daily Driver but kept as clean as possible. Fitted with a few tasteful quality mods and some custom home made parts.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Varis Bumper, Work XSA 18" wheels, MeisterR zeta-s coilover, invidia Q300 exhaust and home made intake.
  1. That is a sweetly modded car, looks awesome! :Hey:
  2. Love the front spoiler :Thumbup:
  3. Thanks for the welcome and nice comments :Smile:.
    I wish i could take credit for the photos but no, my mates a freelance photographer so i used his talent.
    1. Nels Avatar
      Well, he's done a great job, but than again, the subject is first class.
      Nels, Saturday 28th Mar, 2015
  4. Nice S2000. Love these cars, they kick butt.
  5. Stunning looking S2000 :Thumbup:
  6. That's a fine set of photographs. I like the 5th one best.
    Did you take them?
  7. That is a tasty motor, I really like the mods welcome to HK mate.