1998-2003 Accord Air Conditioning condenser replacement

Accord 1998-2003 all models.

  1. Harvey
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    This guide is for the removal and fitment of a replacement air conditioning condensor for a 1998-2003 Accord, without disconnecting the radiator.

    Tools required

    8mm socket
    10mm socket
    ratchet (I used 3/8 drive)
    extension bar (longer would be better)
    universal joint (if your extension bar does not have a wobble end on it)
    large screwdriver.
    penatrent spray
    cup of hot beverage/bottle of cold beverage of choice.

    (appologies as I did not take photos until halfway through the process of removal)

    Ensure all R134a refrigerent is properly evacuated before attempting this repair

    Mine had all leaked out, so I was safe in performing this repair.
    1. unplug both radiator fans, the plugs are located on the fan shroud (in the centre and on the right hand side)

    2. using a 10mm socket, unbolt the two nuts that secure the radiator locating brackets

    3. remove the overflow bottlem and pipe and set this asside, make sure it does not tip over, as it contains coolant, which is hazardous to plants and animals (especially pets since it is sweet and they might drink it)

    4. unclip the cruise control cable (if present) and lift the radiator up gently, so as to lift the rubber feet out of the mounting nubs and push it gently back towards the engine, but be carefull not to damage it.
    (mounting nub with rubber foot that gits in the hole)

    5. with a 10mm socket., undo the two nuts that secure the upper radiator mount to the slam panel, followed by the two 10mm nuts that secure the air conditioning pipes to the condensor


    6. with the coolant radiator pressed back towards the engine the condensor should also push towards the engine and with a little wiggling can be withdrawn from between the slam panel and the coolant radiator.

    7. set the old condensor and new condensor next to each other and observe differences (if any), then set to spraying the penetrant spray over the 8 8mm bolts that hold the brackets to the condensor

    ** If your new condensor comes with these brackets already attatched, you can skip this step, but make sure that you swap over the rubber mounting feet and bungs onto the new condensor, as these often do not come with these parts*
    (with securing brackets removed)
    8. go grab a bew while the pentrant spray does its work.
    9. swap the brackets over to the new condensor, using the 8mm socket, the pentrant should have helped loosen the grip of the rust. You may need to use a long stout screwdriver to pry the old mounts off the condensor but fitment to the new one will be a doddle.

    10. refitment is the opposite of removal. However when install the bolts into the condensor pipework, ensure that you DO NOT cross thread them as they will not seal properly afterwards, so start them off by hand.

    11. go and get the air conditioning system gassed and checked for leaks.

    12. enjoy working air conditioning.


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    Good work buddy, well done.
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    Good work bud
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      Need to go and get the system gassed now, but that won't be untill next weekend :(