2003-2008 Honda Accord Auto Boot Open

CL7 - CL9, CM1 – 6, CN1 and CN2

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    2003-2008 Honda Accord Auto Boot Open


    Modification to auto lift the boot lid when your remote boot release button on your key fob is pressed.
    The boot lid would need to manually closed. It will not auto close itself.

    I don't want to take all the credit but just wanted to say a quick thank you to various members on Honda karma and Type accord for helping with this mod.

    DIY Guide Compatibility

    This guide is only suitable for the 4 door saloon models listed below

    -Honda Accord Saloon 2006-2008 (both diesel and petrol models)
    Chassis codes: CL7 - CL9, CM1 – 6, CN1 and CN2

    Ensure you have the remote boot release function on your key fob otherwise this modification will not work

    *This guide can be used with the existing OEM torsion springs found installed on all 7th Generation Accord 4 door saloons

    *This guide can also be used if you have converted your torsion springs to gas struts as found here on this DIY guide
    2003-2008 Honda Accord Boot Gas Strut Conversion


    I won't take any responsibility for any damage or injury. You follow this guide at your own risk.
    If you do not agree, please do not follow this guide.
    This DIY has been written and intended only as a guide.
    There may be other or easier ways of performing a stage.



    The facelift 7th generation Accord Tourer was the only Accord which featured an auto open and close tailgate function. The saloon models did not get this feature.

    The saloon models featured a pretty basic boot lid which had torsion spring bars. These torsion springs tensed under pressure which allowed the boot lid to stay up.

    I think all 7th Generation Accords came with remote boot release via the key fob (this may need to be confirmed) but it required the user to manually open the boot lid. By adding a tension spring to each boot lid arm it will allow the boot lid to auto lift when the button on your key fob is pressed.

    This adds a nice touch to the car and very handy when walking towards your boot with a handful of shopping.

    Once the springs are fitted, a little extra force is required to close the lid due to the additional tension of the springs.


    Equipment Required

    To get started here is a list of some of the tools you may require

    -Interior trim removal tools (available cheaply on ebay) - Essential
    -High quality double sided adhesive
    -Plastic sheet to wrap the spring body (anything you can lay on your hands on)
    -Cello tape
    -Adhesive pad or foam (anything you can lay on your hands on)
    -Nylon Tie straps
    This size is preferred: 4.8mm x 100mm


    Parts Required

    Applies to both torsion spring and gas strut setup.
    The only specific part you require is the tension spring.

    This is the specification of the Spring
    Length: 138mm
    Wire Diameter: 2mm
    Spring Diameter: 12.9mm

    Available from euro springs via eBay
    Tension spring 2mm x 12.9mm x 138mm | eBay



    The Procedure

    Step 1
    Begin by opening the boot and emptying all contents


    Step 2
    Fold the rear seats down and start to remove the driver's side boot interior trim.

    Remove the spare wheel floor. Three clips hold it in place as shown


    Remove all the clips within the boot trim as shown


    Note: Use your interior removal tool. Otherwise you will end up breaking clips.

    Remove the rear plastic boot trim shown by lifting away from the bottom section


    Remove the boot arm trim, this will allow better access.
    Boot arm trim is attached via these clips. Remove the clips carefully


    Step 3
    Repeat for the other side

    Step 4
    Once all the trim is removed the tension springs can be attached

    Start by attaching one end of the tension spring to the hole in the boot lid arm as shown below.
    Attach using the tie straps


    With the gas strut conversion attach the spring in the same way but around the ball joint as shown below


    Step 5
    For the other side of the tension spring the tie strap will be required to enter and exit through these channels in the metal work show here.


    Once the tie strap has been fed through insert it through the tension spring attachment ring.
    Fasten securely and ensure there is no slack within the tie strap.
    Tighten as much as possible

    Repeat for the other side

    The same action also applies to the gas strut conversion

    Step 6
    Apply self adhesive pad or sticky foam (anything you can lay your hands on) to this area under the spring.
    This should prevent any vibration or metal rattling noises if the spring were to hit the metal work over rough or bumpy roads.


    Option: You may want to wrap the spring itself within clear plastic to prevent it rubbing against any interior trim.
    I used and cut up an ESD components bag and wrapped the spring and secured with it clear tape.

    Above is optional and it is up to you to perform if you wish.

    Step 7
    Once completed, close the boot lid and test.
    Press the remote boot lid release button on your key fob.

    Your boot lid should auto open when the boot actuator is activated.
    As shown in video below

    Action in the video is of my Accord with the auto boot lid modification together with the gas strut conversion

    Step 8

    Close the boot lid and check there are no interference or conflicts with any other parts of the boot interior.
    Engage and lift the interior drivers boot release to ensure the boot lid also auto opens.
    Once satisfied cut the tie strap excesses and tidy away any mess.

    Step 9
    Re-assemble all the interior trim.
    Reverse process of removal.
    During interior trim re-assembly check for any conflicts of the spring against the interior trim and adjust as required

    -A little extra force will be required to close the boot lid due to the additional tension of the springs
    -The open action of the boot lid will not damage the boot hinges and should mimic a soft open action
    -The boot lid will not auto close by itself, the process of closing will remain a manual procedure
    -If the specific spring is not available from euro springs, similar spec springs should work ok.
    (they are relatively cheap so various specifications can be purchased to experiment with)
    -If you have the gas strut conversion coupled with this mod the boot may not open fully in cold temperatures
    (this may be down to the gas struts pressure within the strut being a tad low)
    (this should not affect the standard OEM torsion springs)
    -With the standard torsion bars – the tension spring may release the boot lid much quicker

    Many thanks for reading and I hope this guide has helped you.

    Version: 1.0

    --------------------------- END OF PROCEDURE ---------------------------
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