2016 Jazz Genuine Honda Popular Accessories

4th Generation (2016) Jazz 16- [GK3,GK5 GK7]

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    Note prices are correct as of July 2015 and included fitting at National Honda dealers in the UK.

    Front and rear mud guards
    Protect your vehicle against dirt and stone impacts with the black front and rear mud guards.
    1 set = 4 pieces.
    Part number:08P00-T5A-600
    Fitted price £120.00



    Elegance floor carpets
    Tailored in black and featuring your car's logo, to further enhance the interior. Black tufted carpets with nubuck binding and woven Jazz emblem.
    1 set = 4 pieces. For CVT and MT.
    Part number: 08P15-T5A-610
    Fitted price £75.00

    Front/Rear Rubber Mats

    Front Rubber Mats
    Black front rubber mats with edges providing protection against a wet and dirty foot area. Featuring your car's logo.
    1 set = 2 pieces.
    Part number : 08P18-T5A-610
    Fitted price £60.00

    Rear rubber mats
    Black rear rubber LIPPED mats with edges providing protection against a wet and dirty foot area.
    1 set = 2 pieces.
    Part Number: 08P19-T5A-600
    Fitted price £40.00


    Boot tray with dividers
    Perfectly formed to your car's trunk shape, the waterproof trunk tray with raised edges will protect the car's finish from dirt and scratches. It is anti-slip, features the Jazz logo and includes dividers.
    Part number: 08U45-T5A-600
    Fitted price £105.00 HKJAZZBOOTTRAY.

    Doorstep garnish
    This attractive accessory allows you to add a personal touch to your car while subtly protecting its door sills. Crafted in stainless steel with a combination of brushed and mirrored finishes, the doorstep garnish has an etched Jazz logo.
    1 set = 2 front pieces and 2 rear pieces.
    Part number: 08E12-T5A-600A
    Fitted price £160.00


    Front Ambient Lighting
    Illuminates the front foot area to give a cool and sophisticated atmosphere to the interior of your car.
    Part number: 08E10-T5A-600
    Fitted price £135.00


    Front Fog Lights
    Drive your Honda through foggy nights and days with ease. The front fog lights will give you an extra sense of safety and comfort.
    Part number: 08V31-T5A-500
    Fitted price £295.00


    Rear Parking Sensors
    Sunset orange - Produces an audible signal when near an object, so you can swing confidently into the tightest of parking spots.
    Part Number :08V67-T5A-K660R
    Fitted price £550.00
    Right Hand Drive Kits
    Alabaster Silver Metallic 08V67-T5A-K620R
    Attract yellow pearl 08V67-T5A-K670R
    Brilliant Sporty Blue 08V67-T5A-K680R
    Crystal Black Pearl 08V67-T5A-K640R
    Milano Red 08V67-T5A-K650R
    Sunset orange II 08V67-T5A-K660R
    Tinted silver metallic 08V67-T5A-K630R
    White Orchid Pearl 08V67-T5A-K610R

    Front & Rear Bumper Trims
    Protect your car's bodywork from annoying scrapes and scratches with the front and rear bumper trims. The parts are in material condition.
    Part number: 08P03-T5A-6T0

    Fitted price £165.00


    Side Body Trims
    Sunset orange - Protect your car's bodywork from annoying scrapes and scratches with the side body trims.
    Part Number 08P05-T5A-660A

    Fitted price £295.00

    Alabaster Silver Metallic 08P05-T5A-620A
    Attract yellow pearl 08P05-T5A-670A
    Brilliant Sporty Blue 08P05-T5A-680A
    Crystal Black Pearl 08P05-T5A-640A
    Milano Red 08P05-T5A-650A
    Sunset orange II 08P05-T5A-660A
    Tinted silver metallic 08P05-T5A-630A
    White Orchid Pearl 08P05-T5A-610A

    Roof Rack
    Expand your car's carrying capacity with a strong, secure roof rack. The roof rack is the perfect item to fit a roof box, a ski box or any other items convenient for you. It includes 4 locks and the maximum load capacity is 30kg.
    Part number: 08L02-T5A-600

    Fitted Price £260.00

    Dog Guard
    The dog guard is designed to keep your pets and luggage safely in the luggage compartment of your car while driving. It divides the passenger compartment from the luggage compartment between the rear seat back and roof interior.
    Part number : 08U35-T5A-600B
    Fitted price £195.00


    Cargo Mat
    Keep the interior of your boot clean. The cargo mat is designed to perfectly fit the area of your car that needs the most protection. Black needle felt carpet with black woven binding.
    Part Number : 08P11-T5A-610
    Fitted Price £75.00


    Cargo Net
    Keep luggage secured in the boot with a specially designed horizontal cargo net. To be fixed to the cargo hooks in the boot.
    Part Number 08L96-TF0-600
    Fitted price £40.00

    Coat Hanger

    The coat hanger can be easily fitted in the headrest base to easily hang your coat.
    Part Number 08U08-E6J-610B
    Fitted Price £40.00

    Tablet Holder
    This tablet holder can fit any tablet with dimensions varying from 7" to 11,6". Tilt-able for best view. Includes a base carrier to fit your car's headrest
    Part Number 08U08-E6J-610A
    Fitted price £40.00
    Sports Pedals
    The aluminium sports pedals create a sporty look and offer extra grip for your feet, RIGHT HAND DRIVE, ONLY FOR MT
    Part Number : 08U74-T5A-500
    Fitted Price £100.00
    Under-Shelf Storage Box
    The under shelf storage box adds extra storage in the boot of your car. Maximum loading capacity of 1.5kg.
    Part Number : 08U20-T5A-600
    Fitted Price: £125.00


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